SHINE Power Yoga Maple Shade NJ

If you are a first time student make sure to bring water, a yoga mat  a small &  large towel.  Not all yoga mats are designed for heated yoga and you may sweat so much that you slip on your mat so a large towel will give you some grip. Please make sure to arrive 15 minutes before class so we have time to introduce you to our awesome space and get you settled. 

We encourage all new students to have patience with themselves.  We teach to all levels of student and are here to assist you.  It may take 3 yoga practices to acclimate to the room temperature & humidity and the names of the poses.  

If you do not have a mat or towels, or if you just for get them (hey we all do sometimes) you can rent all of this at the studio.   Mat Rentals $2, Hand Towel Rentals $1, Mat Towel Rentals $3