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  • 2 North Main Street
  • Medford, NJ, 08055
  • United States

Yin Yang is back at SHINE after a long hiatus! Join Carleena and Jon for this unique class crafted with oh so much love!

This class begins with a dynamic yang or vinyasa flow with an emphasis on connecting movement to breath. Consider this part of class like a natural, rhythmic dance using one breath in each posture. We will explore lots of balancing postures to strengthen our agility.

We then move to the floor where the true magic happens in yin! In a typical yin practice, seated postures are held for minutes at a time to increase flexibility and movement in the joints and connective tissues. Usually in yin, the class is non-heated, but in this unique class we will use the heat we generated in the first part of practice to promote an emotional release in the seated postures.

All of this amazing practice is made even better by the sounds of Jonathan Doherty serenading us with his ambient voice and lovely guitar and Carleena on her chakra balancing quartz singing bowls.

Cost: $25

SHINE Power Yoga Medford
Tuesday March 27th at 7:30pm

Questions? Email: carleena@shinepoweryoga.com