1. I have never done yoga before, but I want to start. Can I do this program?

YES! This program is a great introduction to the Baptiste/Power practice. Our daily yoga practice will start small and slow, building each week as we work our way up to the full sequence. You will have time to learn the postures, alignment, and other facets of the physical practice at a reasonable pace. You will also gain tools on cultivating a daily meditation practice at a pace that is approachable & attainable.

2. Do I need to read the whole book before program starts?

Nope! We will go through the book week by week as a group. You will have assigned homework & journaling exercises that will align with these readings, so no need to read it all beforehand.

3. What if I can't make a Sunday or two?

The more sessions you attend, the greater the impact, although your physical presence isn't required on Sundays to do the program. You will have assignments each week, so as long as you keep up with the readings & do the work - it will be effective!

4. I have done 40 Days before. Is it the same exact program?

No! The framework is the same, week by week, but with each leader who takes on this program, you receive a unique approach to the teachings and to your weekly sessions. There is also lots to gain from doing the program more than once!

5. Do I need to do 40 days of practice in a yoga studio, in a row?

Nope! This program is all about starting small to make big changes! You will be given the tools to self practice at home and track your progress. In-studio classes can replace your at home practice for that day, but it is not required that any practices be done in a yoga studio.

6. OK - I'm in. So what should I bring to the meetings?

An open mind & heart, a yoga mat, water bottle, journal, 40 Days book, & pen. The 40 Days to Personal Revolution book will be available to pick up in Maple Shade 1 week prior to starting program. You will receive a welcome email