Anna Iredale

As a glorified “class junkie”, I found a good Yoga class to be a “great time” every now and again. I took my first yoga class 20 some years ago and dabbled in it here and there. My heart was in more of a hi- intensity groove which led me to get my first certification in Personal Training and Group Fitness. As time moved on I earned several other certifications in Group Ex but my favorite was the Aquatics Certification. I felt connected and inspired by the youth and freedom the water gave me… I noticed I felt similarly when I took YOGA.

Teaching at Lifetime fitness on the Group Ex side I was able to get a better look at YOGA.  I earned 200 hours in the Lifepower Yoga style. It was a glimpse of the beauty of what yoga is.  These were my first steps in learning of “the practice”.  More curious, I started showing up at SHINE and I found a deep connection to Wanda as teacher and a mentor. The Baptiste style gave me a lot of answers I had been looking for.. creating more questions as well. This summer I will take 200 hours through the Baptiste program and I can’t wait to continue learning. 

Achieving my own fitness goals was not the challenge I wanted. The challenge for me came in being able to help OTHER people achieve their goals.. enter the Group Ex world…a world that over the last 8 years has become my heart.

Then came yoga. I have found the word PRACTICE to be the ultimate difference between the world of GROUP Ex and YOGA. A word that epitomizes how I feel when I sweat and move. In Yoga the movements and the poses overflow beyond the physical.  Always searching, learning, improving, growing…. Without practicing.. anything we love ……..we remain stagnant in that love. Finding Yoga has given me a life that I am more grateful for, interested in and humbled by. Learning to teach yoga has given me a gift that continues to grow and give back beyond my expectations. It’s a lifestyle that creeps into our hearts not only on but OFF the mat.

Finding SHINE felt like finding home , a place to truly hear my own breath and not only learn but teach. From a place of honesty, simplicity and humility SHINE has given me a place to grow, be inspired and inspire…… 

Favorite poses: Frog, fish, and tripod