Keeping it Real

I am Wanda, You are……


Who AM I?

I am Wanda, a Mother, who loves to be with her children more than anything

I am Wanda, an Introvert who isn’t shy…...

I am Wanda, a Faithful servant of God.

I am Wanda, a woman worthy of unconditional love

I am Wanda, a Leader….a Powerful Leader of Change, Authenticity & Joy.

I am Wanda, a woman who loves to feel pretty & treated with love and kindness.

I am Wanda, I love to be hugged more than kissed.

I am Wanda, authentic, she can not hide from truth

I am Wanda, with clear boundaries, they keep her whole and on her true path.

Who would have thought that the exercise “I AM, You ARE” would bring me back to my place of power and focus. You see I had been struggling with my “place”. My place as a business owner, my place where I live, my place in my home, my place with my peers, my place in my marriage. I find that my thought process is one of “why” instead of “how”. I am really good at saying what I “do not” want instead of saying what “I do” want. I feel misunderstood instead of feel embraced, for all I am. I let others messes intertwine with me, there just isn’t enough room inside my circle for all that. It zaps my Joy, Focus, ability to Love and is draining.

During Leadership Training last month, I knew I had a vision. The vision was clear, what the outcome needed to look like was clear…..the path on how to get there, not so clear. Thank goodness, I am a person with vision and a person who knows how to put the right people together to make magic happen. Hence, I surrounded myself with amazing people who without judgement said “Wanda, what do YOU want? We aren’t clear, because you aren’t clear…but we are a YES anyway.” WHAT?! Now that is powerful people right there. Having those in your corner who are a YES to your vision, seriously???!!!! WHOA!

When sharing with Daniel and Sarah why I wasn’t showing up my biggest, boldest, baddest self. Daniel asked me how many people I put inside my circle, who is it that blurs the lines of who I AM. As soon as I heard this, it was clear….yes, this is it!. It was clear who these people were, just by the way I react to them. How their feelings, actions and thoughts effect the decisions I make. I felt excitement and joy to recognize this and I know how to reset it!

As I sit on the beach soaking in the last few hours of Leadership Training & 15 days on beautiful Daufuskie Island, I know who I AM. I feel Joy & Love for those who support me on my journey and I have ZERO regrets. Yes, I follow my heart a lot and it has led to some not so great decisions, but following my heart has always led me to the exact place I am meant to be. I begin to wonder, how many of us lose power, lose hope, lose our vision because those we put in that inner circle don’t belong there…..there is only room for one YOU inside the circle. Surround yourself with these people, love them, share with them, invite them to participate but not do not let them run the show!!! They will love you deeper because YOU ARE YOU!

I am Wanda ….. You are Sarah.



I am Sarah.... You are Wanda

 When Wanda asked me to be a Leader of our first SHINE Teacher Training I said yes, because that is my job at SHINE.  I did the marketing and posted to Facebook, Instagram.  I promoted the training in my classes and had many conversations with many students.

 This part of my job felt a lot like sitting around with my friends, having a couple of beers and talking about going skydiving.  “This is going to be so awesome, it’ll change how you look at everything!” One would say. “There’s no way to describe the feelings you’ll have, you just have to experience it!”  Someone else would chime in.  We’d all look at each other and agree, YES! We are DOING THIS! And sign up that night.

The problem is signing up to go skydiving online is a completely different feeling than when the plane is about to take off.  It’s at this point you really start to question your decision making skills.  You see, I know the power these trainings have, the impact they have on lives.  But I'm thinking  “Am I the best person to lead someone through this kind of shift?”

Here I am standing in the plane door looking down at the earth below.  I didn’t feel connected to what was happening around me. The ground seemed to far away and noise around my head was too loud, drowning out any encouragement being thrown my way. I felt stuck.

The great thing about being stuck in a strong community is that your friends recognize what’s happening. Wanda and Daniel saw me white knuckling it. They came up behind me and, WITH LOVE, kicked me out the door.

realize this is how I’ve always learned best, by just doing it. I say to my students when I lead a yoga class,  “No fuss, just do it.”  I needed someone to tell me, and it worked.  Right now I get to watch my teacher trainees jump out the door one by one. And when I see that death grip I know all too well, I dust off the bottom of my boot and get ready for a good kick in the ass…with LOVE, of corse. 

I am Sarah, You are......