NEVER Underestimate Yourself

As I drove home from co-leading my first SHINE Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training, I thought to myself WOW. I teach 6 year old kids on a day to day basis but I had NO idea that I could be a

strong leader for adults as well. Yes, I teach power yoga and kid’s yoga classes at SHINE, and I still doubted myself. I shared my doubt with one of my best friends on the phone and she was like Rachael that’s what you do, YOU TEACH! I felt like there was a big difference in having the ability to teach others to teach kids yoga and what I do as my career. My self talk was “I was too young and that they would doubt my experience to lead.”

I created a story before the training began and I allowed it take up too much of my thoughts. I feel many of us create stories about ourselves in our mind. I created a BIG story of self- doubt. I underestimated myself as a Leader. Once I met all seven of our trainees, I felt this wall I created in my mind was knocked down. Seeing how all of them showed up with no expectations and with a smile allowed me to be myself. All of them were so willing to learn together, collaborate and to listen.

After our first day of the training, I felt JOY and PASSION for what I chose to do with my life and my free time. This did not feel like a weekend of work at all. Yes, I had to wake up early and get things prepared but I find when I am highly passionate about something I am ready to GO. Ready to show up for myself and for the others around me.

As we passed around the gratitude jar during the kids class ( that the trainees taught ) I knew exactly what I wanted to right down. I was grateful for my Presence and for everyone who showed up to learn how to influence children in a positive way through yoga. The trainees taught an AMAZING class to the kids. Right there I wanted to cry. YES, I am a big SAP but I actually like being emotional and allow myself to feel. I was even about to cry on my ride home because my heart felt so FULL for being able to spend this weekend with such an AWESOME group of women.

I feel so GRATEFUL for each of these girls who came to the training and for giving the training 100%. I feel like I gained seven new best friends. This is a BIG reason why I joined the yoga community. It is like a second home to me and the women who work at SHINE Power Yoga are my sisters. There was no judgment present in the yoga room and with the positive energy level, I was able to be at my fullest potential.

My vision for SHINE Power Yoga Kids does not stop here. I have BIG things planned for the future. You can always manifest what you want and if you want it bad enough you can achieve it. I told Wanda how I printed out more certifications than students registered because I was manifesting a bigger turn out. She wrote back to me “ Create a vision of what you want and you will get it.” This really stuck with me. Right now, I am manifesting that this is the first of many SHINE Kid’s Teacher Trainings. I will also STRIVE to make yoga part of the school communities. With the collaboration of these trainees, I feel like my goals can most definitely be met. I will NEVER underestimate myself again and will keep moving forward.

“JUST KEEP TEACHING!” is what the inner-DORY inside me would say.