I Almost Did Not Go

I am extremely grateful for the experience I had on beautiful Daufuskie Island at the Shine Leadership Training 2016.  The entire experience exceeded my expectations.  One of the greatest gifts that I have given myself…..ever! 

I feel a deep respect & admiration for Wanda Gilhool, Sarah Esposito, Rachele Cipollone, and Daniel McCall.  The VALUE provided by this team was exceptional and the experience was extraordinary.


My wife Tracy is a passionate & committed Yogi for over 14 years.  She encouraged me sign up for the Leadership Boot camp in January.  This Bootcamp began to open my eyes to what is possible in this process and convinced me to do the entire program this April.

You see, I have not always been completely supportive of Tracy’s yoga path, her goals and her dreams related to Yoga.  Outwardly I was positive,  but inside a part of me was very negative.  I found myself resistant to her gentle suggestions about how good Yoga could be for me if I gave it a chance.  I practiced Yoga a little and liked how it felt, but never committed to it as a lifestyle.  I never fully listened to Tracy when she came back from Yoga Trainings feeling fully inspired.  Just not my thing.....

I found myself thinking, how could Yoga training compare to what I did?  I am an “EXECUTIVE” with a “REAL JOB” in charge of a Leadership Development Department for my company.  I have been to MANY executive and leadership trainings.  I have LED them.  What were the “YOGA PEOPLE” going to teach me about leadership?  I run marathons and also completed the Ironman in Lake Placid.  What was a little stretching going to do for me?  How could a bunch of touchy feely, dirt digging tree-hugging BS be good for me?  How real or good could it be really?

THAT thinking wasn’t even close to be what happened!

There was a point in the training where this really hit me hard.  I said to my group, “I came all the way to Daufuskie Island, SCto realize what a “DICK” I have been showing up as in multiple areas of my life!”   If I were married to me I am pretty sure I would have left.  Tracy stayed and has always been a stand for the best version of me always.   Her patience and strength inspire me. 

Some of my takeaways from the week….

I feel great to know I can be better at home with my family AND a bigger leader at work.  I was able to share, process and resolve some BIG obstacles that have been in my way through the process that was facilitated by Wanda.

I feel excited to have learned about concepts like living, thinking and behaving above the line.  I am excited to be more aware of responding vs. reacting in my daily life.

I feel grateful to have a deeper appreciation and respect for the art of teaching Yoga.

I feel inspired by the igolu leadership training provided. It actually hit me more effectively than trainings I spent thousands on in my past. I am confidant that with clear personal vision and goals that I will move forward in key areas of my life that are most important to me.

I am delighted to learn a great system of giving and getting feedback.  Keep, Stop, Start!

I am committed to be a positive member of the SHINE Community.

I am inspired by how much I still have to learn but confidant that I will and that I can!

I am humbled and in awe of the brave and beautiful people I spent the week with.  Ariella, Carla , Lisa, Brad, Melissa, Rachel and Raquel.   We arrived with different stories and reasons but left a cohesive community supporting each others greater vision.  (S.O.M.F)

I will leave you with this one question.  Why not you next year?