You want success - Clean the Floor!

I want every single yoga leader to be the best yoga leader on the planet - to reach their goals and crush it!  To create their own programs and be at cause for BIG change in the world.  I celebrate their progress, growth, packed classes, being in demand! I celebrate all their awesomeness!!!!  But there are times I wonder, do they want it as much as I want it for them? 

Consider this:  The day you receive your 200 hour YTT, that is the beginning - not the end of anything, but is actually ground zero and it is a FAR climb to the top.  Keep looking up and for the top.  

If you aren’t growing as quickly as you would like, ask these questions?  Are you willing to be coached and receive feedback, without reaction…active listening required. Are you stagnant & expecting the studio to grow you instead of YOU grow YOU? Are you curious to see what you do not see, to believe you don’t know what you don’t know?   Do you talk talk talk without listening to what you are saying? Did you become less desirable to the community, because you lost the desire to do ALL THE work - not just the fun stuff that makes you popular.   Do you practice as a student regularly, or just show up when your getting a paycheck? After 29 years leading, I still need feedback and integration and mentorship!  I still need to be held accountable for how I show up.   I still need to stay on my A game, take class regularly and be curious, to work hard at it.  I still clean my own floor, check in my class and pick up trash on the way in and keep my side of the sidewalk litter free.  I am not a fan of being introduced to students as "the owner of SHINE", I never introduce myself that way......because I am a student like them, a yoga teacher to serve them.....NO GRACE, NO GLORY is my motto.

If YOU want to be a highly paid professional yoga teacher,  If You want to have packed classes,  If You want to be asked to teach master classes and retreats all around the world,  if You want to own a successful business of any kind one day ..... This requires you to Open your mind and ears to hear what others feel when you lead them.  Ask for Feedback all the time.  Practice Humble.  Practice Kindness. Practice Curiosity.  Practice Working Hard.  Look for what you do not see. STOP and learn something instead of reacting to it.  Clean the Floor.  Clean it until is sparkles and then clean it again.

Practice Practice Practice - AND get on your mat…like all the time - get on your mat.  

Practice, Practice, Practice and all is coming!