Musings from being OPEN to whats NEW!

When I first saw the poster for the retreat at the studio, I thought, “Wow, that would be amazing,” almost in awe – like it would be something I would never do, but how cool that other people get to do that.  “Why not me?” I asked myself.  I won’t bore you with all the reasons I came up with (trust me – there were many).  After I sat in all that yuck (aka excuses), I realized it was yuck I created and thus only I could get me out!  Armed with realization, I decided to ask my husband if he would come with me on the retreat – we had been talking about going away just the two of us and while every thought in my head was telling me this was not the vacation he had in mind, I simply asked.  Imagine my SHOCK when he said YES!  Yes, from the man that has never done yoga in his life.  He said yes for the same reason I did – it was something we NEVER thought either of is would do and we were up to new experiences.

New experiences – there were many on this trip: first time to Tulum, swimming in a natural open Cenote, swimming in a lagoon in the Biosphere, swimming au natural in the ocean (lots of swimming!), mayan mud treatment on the beach (topless!), Maitri (self love) meditation, Buti Yoga, Budokan Yoga (AMAZING!!!!!), writing a 1 year vision statement I believed in, connection to relative strangers, meditation on the beach, horizon as my Drishti, and the list goes on and on…….

These new experiences left me asking, was I seeing & doing new things simply because I was in a new place? Is it because I was open to them after making the decision to be a yes to this retreat?

I arrive back home & I’ve played around with this idea a lot.   I live in the same place, same work, same friends, same family – what new experiences are right here, in my “same” world of New Jersey?  Turns out, they’re flippin’ everywhere!!!  

Here are just some of the new experiences I’ve had in my same ‘ol place: meditating on my front porch as people walked by; going to a writing workshop with strangers on a whim and opening up about some darkness inside I didn’t even know needed to be let out;  making a knotted mala necklace;  saying mantras to my daughters; expressing myself to my husband in a whole new way; facing a struggle at work with positivity and ease instead of angst and excessive effort; signing up to row on a Dragon Boat, and this list too goes on and on……..

This trip was so much more than a vacation, it was HEATHER open to experience new experiences – can’t wait to see what comes next!!!!