Positive Thinking Empowers Possibility!

"SHINE Kid’s Teacher Training round 2 was an amazing, meaningful experience. Today 4 women received their Kid’s Yoga Certifications. As we announced their names and clapped, my heart felt so full. I feel gratitude for meeting each of these ladies and for being able to share my passion with them. I feel grateful because all four of these wonderful women were engaged throughout the whole training  and open minded to a new style of yoga. They allowed their teaching to be silly and fun! They pulled back their outer layers to find their silly child-like self and played yoga today. 

Overall, my intention for this training was being of service for others and being at service for our children. Today, I saw all 4 women show up BIG for 12 kids in their first kid’s yoga class. The kids were in tuned, engaged and had a blast playing yoga with the new yoga teachers. The coolest part of being a kid’s teacher is being able to inspire and lead the future generation to living a positive, healthy, fun lifestyle. 

Every kid left the yoga room with a grin from ear to ear. The children were ecstatic to learn from the new teachers. These women let their lights SHINE. 

One of my favorite parts of training kid’s yoga teacher is collaborating with them, bouncing ideas to teacher to student to help each of them be successful. I am anxious to see where their future yoga journey takes them. 

Yesterday, after I finished teaching them the SHINE kid’s sequence, I feel my inner fire LIT up. The feedback, Melissa and I received brought back into my mind why I got into this business to begin with. I love children and I love yoga.. SO being able to help spread the love with powerful teachers and allow them to lead more kid’s classes is pure AWESOME SAUCE. 

This all began with the power of positive thinking. I believed I could lead a kid’s class and Wanda believed in me. I was simply a desk angel at SHINE before I stepped out of my comfort zone and stepped on to my mat to lead my firsts kid’s yoga class. After that, it all became clear. Everyone has something they show up for that’s bigger than them, and it just takes some detours to land there. As I move forward, I see that there are so many possibilities. Possibilities to grow within my community of yogis with no age range required. “ 

- Rachael McFadden