Becki Natter of Bravery Massage, Established August 2016

Becki Natter of Bravery Massage, Established August 2016

I am Becki Natter, the Owner and Massage Therapist.  I’ve been massaging for 17 years with a ton of experience under my belt.  I’ve worked at spas, resort spas, races and events, done homevisits, and endless spa parties.  I work out of a room I lease in a Chiropractor’s office on 561 in Gibbsboro.  My focus is mainly on Pain Management Massage Therapy, as well as Lymphatic Drainage Technique, Fertility Massage, Cancer Massage and many more! Many clients have been steady for 8+ years and the business is always growing. I tailor and adapt my massage to the needs of my clients and always am happy to be flexible for any specific spots of pain or discomfort the client may have.  Massage is something not only that I love doing, its something I’ve crafted as both an art and a science over the years.  I go to work never feeling that dread of a workday many folks in the corporate workforce may be feeling, rather I look forward to seeing a smiling clients face come through the door. 

My hours are not set in stone, with the exception of Fridays which I rarely work and I try to keep evening hours to two days a week. So to translate that, I’m pretty flexible with hours without overdoing it.  Booking ahead of time is recommended, but I do my best to accommodate any client. 

In my massages you can chat up a storm or simply veg and sleep the whole time.  Its your massage and your time and however little or much you prefer to talk is entirely up to you. 

Contact Info:
Phone: 609-388-1183 - text or call
(online booking is available, but text if you have specific needs)
Facebook: @BraveryMassage
Instagram: @BraveryMassage
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146 Lakeview Drive S (561)
Lakeview Commons
Gibbsboro, NJ 08091
I am located in the office of Neil Schneider Chiropractor and its less than a mile on 561 from The Chophouse.