Class Etiquette


1.  If you're brand new to SHINE arrive to class 15 - 20 minutes early. This will give you plenty of time to sign into the studio, get our 5 cent tour and set yourself up in the room.

2.  If you're brand new to yoga, set yourself up in the middle of the room. Avoid the back row. Should you become confused, the middle of the room will allow you to look around at any angle during class. 

3. Remove your shoes before entering the yoga room.  You will be practicing in bare feet and it keeps all the stuff we all collect on the bottom of our shoes out of the yoga room.

4. Bring a Yoga Mat, Water, A Small Towel and a Yoga Mat Sized Towel.  If you don't have any of these items we rent mats and both sized towels at the studio. We also have water bottles for sale and a water cooler in our community room, free to all, to fill up your water bottles.

5. Avoid wearing any colognes, perfumes or lotions to class. With the added heat and humidity strong smells are magnified and unavoidable for everyone in the class.

6. If you have any injuries, talk to the teacher before class to let them know. This way we can cue appropriate modifications for you during class.


7. If you arrive after class has begun, you must wait until after "OM"
to enter the room.

8. When setting up your mat, look for the small orange tape lines on the floor. Put you mat to the top right corner of the marks. This allows late comers to easily lay down their mats without disturbing the class.

9. No Cell Phones in the Yoga Room. 

10. Bring only what you need for your practice into the yoga room. Leave all extra shirts, bags, keys, etc in the community room. The doors are locked after class starts, your items are safe. If you do not feel safe leaving them in the community room, we suggest leaving them at home or locked in your car.

11. Minimum age to practice is 14. If with a parent or guardian, 11.   

12. DO NOT LEAVE DURING SAVASANA. If you need to leave class early, let the teacher know before class and leave quietly before savasana. 

13. SHINE Power Yoga has a policy for bringing children with you to class.   If your child is 10 or older & can sit quietly in the Community Room with a book or iPad, sure, bring 'em! It is important they understand they are to remain in this area and not disrupt the class you are attending.  Please understand we do not offer babysitting services and our staff is not responsible for the safety of your child.  We encourage each parent to utilize our SHINE Kids Yoga Program for all children under the age of 10. 

14. Have patience with yourself if you are a beginner! It may a few classes to acclimatize to the heat & humidity. Our teachers are well-trained to teach to multiple levels of student, so embrace the opportunity for a new experience!