Jana Cicha

I started "playing" with yoga because my Mom was a yoga teacher in the 1970-80's when it still needed to be called stretch class.   Then, I stayed far away from yoga to blaze my own fitness trail in the gym.  It wasn't until I had a serious car accident and my body was broken that I was forced to come back to yoga through meditation.  Once I was able to begin moving, yoga was my path to heal, move and strengthen.   

My favorite pose is hmmmm, not sure, it depends on the day.  Usually I feel happy when Chair Pose is called and requested to stay in it.  Half-Moon pose, although challenging, is a favorite too. The strength of the pose balances the ease needed to stay in with a few breaths for me.  Handstands are my current mental challenge.  I've been working to get away from a wall for a long time (still scary).

I love practicing at SHINE because it feels like a home.  The studios each have their own personality and practices feel differently depending on the teacher.  My first training was for "gym yoga" through YogaFit, which was accessible and fun to teach but not widely accepted at yoga studios.  My 2nd 200 hour training was at a Baptiste inspired studio.  

I love the way SHINE uses Baptiste methodology and allows freedom to be you - on your mat and as a teacher. 

Favorite Pose: Half Moon, Chair Pose, Handstands