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Tools for Emotional Well-Being with Tina

  • SHINE Power Yoga Medford 2 North Main Street Suite 102 Medford, New Jersey 08055 USA (map)

Cost: $25

Ages: 17 or older*

Studio: Medford

[*for teens please see our How to Manage Anxiety & Stress workshop on 3/31!*]


Are you experiencing feelings of unease, anxiety, stress or sadness?

More and more people are enduring some or all of these symptoms. At a certain time in my life, I developed a debilitating case of depression coupled with anxiety. My mind raced constantly causing me to be unable to sleep despite being mentally and physically exhausted. I felt as if I had a permanent blockage in my chest preventing me from taking a full breath. I began to feel hopeless and started to have serious harmful thoughts. I felt this way for the next two years. Day in and day out.

As a nurse, I was able to recognize that I was experiencing anxiety and depression but could not find anything that was helpful to ease my burden. Then I found yoga.

Shortly after beginning asana practice I began to feel better. It did not happen overnight, but the tightness in my chest began to loosen. For the first time in years I was able to breathe and for the first time in my life I began to really know my body and explore the connection it has with my breath and my mind. In short, yoga saved my life.

Now I want to offer you some of the tools that helped me on my journey. In this workshop, you will discover how certain yoga poses can help bring you a feeling of ease. You will receive meditation and breathing practices that you can utilize for healing. We will discuss other tools beneficial for bringing a sense of peace and calmness to your day. You will leave the class feeling less alone and less fearful and more empowered, connected and seen.

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