RETURN POLICY: You may return your product for store credit on your SHINE account only, no refunds given back onto credit/debit cards. All returns must happen within 14 days of purchase date. No SHINE account credit given for workshops cancelled within 24 Hours of the event. SHINE account credit can be used towards anything purchased at SHINE, including class cards, auto pay memberships, etc.

LATE FOR CLASS: You wait until after the classes finished “OM” and then you may enter. If class is full & you were not here on time, your spot will be given away and you will be charged for class. In wheel classes, we have limited wheels. First come first serve to those who pre-register.

NO SHOW POLICY: With busier classes during the Holiday Season and beyond, we are implementing a No Call No Show / Lateness policy. If the class Is full and you do not cancel within a 1 hour window prior to class or do not show up for the class, your account will be charged. For single class users and class card users, the class will not be credited back to your account. For monthly unlimited and yearly unlimited users (and all others on a membership), your account will be charged the drop-In rate of the class.

WORKSHOP REFUND: You must cancel before 24 hours prior to the workshop for a refund. ALL refunds are made to your account. No shows for workshops do not receive a refund.

6 MONTH  AND COUPLES AUTO PAY MEMBERSHIPS: Payment is due on a specified day. All monthly auto pay renewals that are declined will receive a $25.00 service fee.  ALL Autopay memberships are 6 month minimum and then month to month, and require 14 days notice for cancellation. In order to cancel your membership you must send a request in writing to This is the only way to cancel your membership. Click here for Membership Contract Terms.

CLASS CARDS: 5 Class cards have a 90 day expiration date. 10 and 20 class cards have a 1 year expiration date. Expiration date is based on date of purchase. For more, check out Classes & Pricing.

Thank you for your understanding!

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