Wanda Gilhool

My yoga journey began 24 years ago when I took my first yoga class from Baron Baptiste in his studio in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. I went to the class because I lost a bet with a good friend and promised her I would….That class ended with me trembling, open & emotional.  I didn't realize I just took the first step to life transformation. Shortly after that class I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina for my husband's work and decided I would begin the journey to become a Baptiste yoga teacher. I opened Mindbody Yoga & Spinning center in march 2001 and immersed myself into the community to bring Baptiste Power Yoga to each and every person in it.  I became a yoga teacher for NFL players, nascar racing teams, college swim teams & high school lacrosse teams. My studio offered free yoga classes to the homeless in our community and served in outreach centers. We became a thriving & healthy yoga community, dedicated to make an impact.

Today I am filled with joy to own and operate SHINE Power Yoga studios.  I love getting to know my community better and create a more healthy life for us all.  SHINE actively supports Africa Yoga Project and love when our AYP teachers come visit and teach us.  SHINE dedicates each month to a local karma, to serve our community! If we see a need, we ask "how can we help right now?!"

What I love about this style of yoga is its simplicity, it speaks to everybody & every body. It is a simple avenue to transformation…..It begins with the muscles quivering, but ends with our insides trembling with possibility, the feeling of freedom and the letting go of what holds us back from our authentic self! I get very excited getting to know the students and teach them ways to access their bodies more freely! I don’t believe there is a separation between student and teacher, we are that for each other. Sat nam!