Gain SHINE Rewards Points for stuff you already do

Gain points through using our app & social media




Points Breakdown:

1 Point for checking in online
2 Points for attending class 2x in 1 week
3 Points for checking in on Social Media (IG & FB)
3 Points for attending any Workshop or Masterclass
4 Points for referring a friend that purchases a Community Class or Drop-In
5 Points for referring a friend that purchases an Intro Offer
5 Points for sharing an in-studio Instagram photo
5 Points for writing a review on Wellness Living
5 Points for writing a review & sharing it on Facebook
5 Points for attending Leadership & Transformation Immersion
6 Points for referring a friend that purchases 6 Month Auto-Pay
7 Points for attending 200 Hour Leadership Training


75 Points - Free Class or Guest Pass
150 Points - Free SHINE Water Bottle
225 Points - $25 Towards Workshop or Masterclass
325 Points - Free In-Class Assist
450 Points - Free Private Class

Your points expire in one calendar year from start date of contest. You may save your points all year to reach for the big prizes or redeem once you hit the early tier prizes. Points will be reset at the end of the contest. You may track your progress using the SHINE Power Yoga App and check the leader board for progress!