alyssa warren

When I signed up for my first hot yoga class, I wasn’t looking for a soul-stirring experience or a whole life transformation - I was just looking for something fun and different to try over spring break. But after that first sweaty seventy-five minutes, I was hooked. It was so much more invigorating than running or my typical gym workout, and the high I got lasted for days. I signed up for my local studio’s intro offer and I went every day for forty days - and then I kept going. I didn’t recognize it at the time, but yoga was helping me to create the space I needed to shed the toxic habits in my life.

As someone who struggled with body image issues, self-confidence, and social anxiety for most of my teen and young adult years, I was a big people pleaser - I made all my decisions based on what other people told me they thought was good for me. I stayed in jobs and relationships that I knew deep down were wrong for me because I was too afraid to speak my truth out loud. But yoga changed all that - by showing up for myself on the mat, I learned how to love myself off of it. I still struggle some days, but now I know how to give myself grace and patience, and the kind reminder that it’s all a practice. If I had to single out the most life-changing truth that yoga has taught me, it’s that growth is the goal and forward momentum is the only requirement.

By showing up on my mat, I learned how to give up what wasn’t serving me, and I created the space to find the life I was meant to lead. I met and married the most wonderful man on the planet, and we have the three most beautiful children, who bring so much joy to our lives. I have a yoga practice that makes my heart happy, and the gift of teaching, which lights my soul on fire.