The Secret

This past month has been so much fun, knowing that the Leadership Team @ SHINE Power yoga has a secret they can not wait to share with our community. We love to have fun, we really love surprises and we mostly love to get people talking. I think that is evident, that we are a community willing to take risks, put it out there raw for everyone to see and we keep it REAL...... Like us or hate us, we have a Vision and it drives us.

This past summer while in Ocean City reading on the beach, I was preoccupied and constantly thinking of this quote from Baron Baptiste’s book Being of Power (my personal favorite). I underlined it, highlighted it, wrote it about 10 times, it meant something different to me all of a sudden.

“The path of transformation has no end. It’s a profound, lifelong commitment to moving up to something bigger.”

I began to meditate on this. Now you see when I meditate, many times it leads into my prayers. I hear God’s voice strongest when I am able to actually sit and listen. Sometimes he speaks to me and I actually hear His voice, other times I will feel sensations in my body (triggers) and my intuition becomes very strong, leading me where I am to go. During meditation I kept hearing this word VISIONARY. I began to research the word. The simple definition is “a person thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom, typically a leader”. WHAT? Shut the front door....... I wanna be that!

Sarah and I had been playing around for a bit on this Yoga Wheel that we bought online. We first heard of it when Becky Kain brought one to class, immediately thinking YES that thing is awesome! We began watching Instagram videos and bringing it to class with us, always striving for the next space in our pose or body. It was about taking our personal practice to another level, many times going with your INTUITION & being a VISIONARY for your yoga practice.

I noticed there was alot of excitement and interest in the wheel from other students too. NOW my brain gets all fired up and I am thinking, How can SHINE offer this to everyone? How can SHINE create its own wheel? How can SHINE have a Yoga Wheel Schedule? How can SHINE be a Visionary in this?

We had no luck with the first two companies we contacted to develop these SHINE Yoga Wheels (cost, time, manpower, etc). Then we saw Yoloha Yoga Company is launching a cork yoga wheel and Yoloha Yoga Company is a very strong supporter of our Vinyasa for Vets program. I met the owner, Chris and he is an outstanding innovative human.....I am thinking, this could work out! It only took one email and the wheel production was in place. He was able to put our SHINE Power Yoga Logo on each Wheel and get them to me in record time. I

I am so excited to be able to support his vision and his company at the same time we make our Vision for a SHINE Yoga Wheel Program happen.

January 18, 2016 our SHINE Yoga Wheel Program will launch! We begin with five trained teachers in our own SHINE Yoga Wheel Sequence and we know this is just the beginning of something BIG. To be the first feels good, to be a Visionary feels good, to bring excitement and growth to our South Jersey Yoga Community feels amazing.

I love how much we are learning in the process. I love the support our team has for each others vision. I remember a time in my life I lived inside a black box with walls and padded with my comfort zone. It feels vibrant and alive to create and bust out of the box, dive into the unknown and do what I am most passionate about! Namaste’