Carleena lara-Bregatta

For Carleena, yoga began as a simple exercise practice to distract herself from depression & anxiety. She was attracted to the intense sweat and fun nature of SHINE's classes as well as the new friends she made along the way. Over time, this practice blossomed into something greater than 'just exercise' into a spiritual life to be LIVED. She learned the healing capacity of a yogic lifestyle and aimed to make this her life passion.

You enter this world pure and good but with your life traumas and experiences, you can easily become distracted by our truest light. Through yoga and the programs SHINE has offered, she has been able to strip away these stories and get closer to her essence of being joyful, excitable & whole as is.

Carleena is now a full time yoga teacher living out her dream to practice yoga as her life's work. Her teaching style blends traditional yogic philosophy with Western yoga style to make my classes fun, engaging and somewhat educational! Her passion is to really teach yoga, more than just the physical postures, but going deeper into the layers of what embodying a yogi means.

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