Heather rossi

I discovered yoga 3 years ago when my weight had climbed to 240 lbs. I needed more than a diet, I needed a mindset shift and I found it through yoga. Through asana, meditation and a LOT of self-inquiry, every day I move closer and closer to my true self, shedding the physical and mental weight that does not serve me. 

My personal journey propelled me to lead others. I completed my 200-hour Teaching Training at Moonshine Power Yoga and then did my mentorship at SHINE Power Yoga.  This summer, I will continue to hone my skills at Baptiste Level I. 

My life is now full of family, career and non-profit work, so I carve out time to lead and practice in the wee hours of the morning - you can find me leading  a practice at 5:30 am on Wednesdays in Marlton and 5:45 am in Thursdays in Maple Shade.  

If you’ve never done an early morning yoga practice, I suggest you give it a go - at least once.  No better way to start the day!