Upcoming Trainings

Looking to rev-up your personal practice? Connect deeper to your spirit and true essence? Read on below for SHINE trainings that offer a unique experience for your personal development and your spiritual growth.


SHINE 200 Hour Teacher Leader training


friday august 16th to sunday august 25th

It is time to take your leadership skills to the next level! Join us for SHINE’s 200 hour Teacher Leader Training which is immersion style this year! Explore the tabs below for more information on this unforgettable journey.


shine leadership & transformation immersion

OCtober 11th to 13th | Maple shade studio | $249

with Alexis Aponte, Carleena Lara-Bregatta, Madi Gilhool & Noel Stavola

It all starts here! A powerful weekend immersion of growth, strength and inspiration. Are you interested in taking your Leadership skills to the next level? Do you desire a new way to CONNECT, CREATE & CONQUER your life? Do you feel stuck or need a reboot? Elevate your teaching, Inspire your mind, dig deep into what is holding you back so you SHINE!

This immersion workshop is wonderful if you are considering enrolling in SHINE's Yoga Teacher Training - get your feet wet and see what training would be like in this 'mini' weekend full of healing transformation. If you intend on teaching at SHINE, Leadership Immersion is mandatory to lead - all immersion hours count towards a SHINE 200 Hour Certification.

weekend schedule

Friday 5:30pm - 10pm

Saturday 8am-8pm

Sunday 8am-4pm