Your Leaders


John Bagielto

John was first certified in Hatha Yoga in Spring of 2014. At this time, he also began to share his love for yoga with others while teaching 3-6 classes per week, and has continued to ever since. Although John is not a teacher at SHINE, he attributes much of his teaching style to his time practicing at SHINE and attending their leadership bootcamp in the Spring of 2015. Since then he’s been a BIG part of the SHINE community.

While extremely passionate for yoga, John also has an equal great love for nature. He began hiking in 2007 and started to learn the intricacies of backpacking and outdoor ethics. What began as a two day trip with friends out of high school, unknowingly blossomed into a decade long section hike of the Appalachian Trail. John has completed approximately 5⁄6 of the Appalachian Trail (over 1,800 miles), with only one state left to go.

Along his journey, he first envisioned one day having the opportunity to share his two passions of hiking and yoga in the serene setting of the Appalachian Mountains, or more broadly, the outdoors. John sees yoga practice much like he sees the trail, as an unending journey to new heights towards self and purpose. John is grateful for the opportunity to share nature and yoga with the SHINE community, while fostering stronger bonds.


Carleena Lara-Bregatta

Carleena is a certified 500 Hour E-RYT with teaching styles rooted in traditional Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin + Power Yoga.

For Carleena, yoga began as an exercise practice to distract her from ever-looming anxiety and depression, yet this practice quickly became much more. She learned the transformative powers of a yogic lifestyle and aimed to make this her life passion.

3 years later she received her certification from the International school of Shiva Yoga Peeth located in the foothills of the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India. Her studies, under Swamiji Sudhir Anand, granted her a deeper understanding of the traditional and ancient practices of 8-limbed Yoga.

Her classes today still incorporate many of the traditional teachings she acquired during her 4 month stay in India while blending it with her own unique touches. Her ability to blend classical philosophy and spirituality while catering to modern times blends two approaches to create something special. 

Her deep love for yoga and nature comes full circle in having the opportunity to lead this Hike & Yoga Retreat!