Rachael McFadden

I am an elementary teacher and a yoga teacher for people of all ages. I am 200 RYT SHINE Power yoga certified and Karma Kid’s yoga certified. I have been doing yoga for 7 years now and teaching for 4 years. I started teaching kid’s yoga when I was 22 at SHINE. Then, I began my 200 hour training for my power yoga certification.

What got me into yoga? I started out by taking a college course called “Yoga : East meets West “. In my mind, I thought it would be an easy class of just yoga. It was so much more. We studied every style of yoga and did it at the professor’s studio. After we took class at the studio we blogged about it. I found myself liking it but not loving it.

Then, I found power yoga and I was hooked. I love the high energy and challenge of each power yoga class. In the summer time, I teach children ( ages 5-13 ) yoga every day , all day. I love being able to share my passion of yoga with the world. I have co-run two Kid’s yoga training with my friend Melissa Patterson. I teach family yoga too.

One thing I love about family yoga is that I can see the families bond as they play yoga with me. Mother’s Day family flow was so fun to teach. I am constantly learning more about the yoga practice and love to take class too!