Tamara Dixon

What got me into yoga is actually a very funny story. Prior to yoga I was a crazy kickboxing/mma person and started hearing about Yoga more and more. I was hesitant because I thought it wouldn’t be an intense enough workout for me. Famous last words.

I looked up a local place online, which was Moonshine Power Yoga in Voorhees. I walked in fully dressed like I was going to a regular air conditioned gym (long sleeves, etc.). I noticed pretty quickly that it was quite warm and asked the woman at the desk if they were going to put the air condition on. Of course, she looked at me like I was crazy, giggled and then said, “This is Hot Yoga.” I said, “I thought it was Power Yoga.” She said, “Power Yoga is Hot Yoga.”

I thought, Oh no!! I was someone who despised the heat, so my first thought was to run quickly but I decided to stay because I love a challenge and found that I actually adjusted to the heat! Then, I thought maybe if I get used to the heat I’ll actually enjoy the summer for the first time ever!! Well, that’s exactly what happened! Then, I was approached to do teacher training and received my certification in January 2018.

I started teaching at the YMCA in Mount Laurel, which is where I taught my first class to receive my certification. I knew I wanted to teach at a studio but it was important to me to find the right fit, so I visited various studios and finally landed at SHINE and fell in love. This is where I belong.💗