Tina Colella

Debilitating anxiety and depression is what led me to start practicing yoga. As a mom of 4, including twin toddlers, although I loved my children immensely, I found there were many moments throughout each and every day where I could hardly breathe. I literally felt as if someone was sucking out the very air from my lungs. I couldn’t sleep due to racing thoughts all night long. At one point I truly felt as if I was losing my mind and I felt very lost.  Somehow, I heard about yoga and how it can help with anxiety. I decided to give it a shot. 

I tried several different yoga styles before finding a Baron Baptiste video. Immediately, I fell in love with the way the practice was at once both very physical and yet very soulful. Practicing yoga has helped me learn how to breathe through life’s most difficult moments and to stay and feel not just the good but the bad as well. As I always like to say in class “You need to feel to heal”. I have now been practicing for 11 years and teaching for over 2. The practice has saved my life and teaching has helped guide me to my purpose. 

Tina has a 200 hour certification in teaching yoga as well as an additional 95 hour certification in teaching yoga to children. She has taken many Baptiste programs including master classes and intensives with Baron Baptiste as well as with Seane Corne. She is beginning an additional 300 hour training this fall. As a maternal child health nurse for over 20 years she geeks out on anatomy and has a special interest in bringing yoga to women, children, and teens. 

Favorite poses: Half moon, Dancer’s, Pigeon